« WeCitizens – WijBurgers – NousCitoyens » ASBL (www.wecitizens.be) is a citizens’ observatory acting for:

  •  Voters: a kind of consumers association, but for electors. It contributes to transparency in the political world by means of vote advice applications and a political directory.
  •  Taxpayers: organizing a quality check of public services, publishing good and bad examples of public management.

Its aims:

  1.  The excellence in the public management : getting the best quality / cost ratio in the public services
  2.  The interest from the citizen for politics ; a culture of preferential votes
  3.  A vibrant democracy at the service of the persons.

WeCitizens is member of Taxpayers Association of Europe (TAE), and of a consortium of 8 European associations willing to produce a vote advice application in their country.

The association is pluralistic and independent from any institution. In order to protect this independence and freedom of speech, the association gets its revenues from the fees of a multitude of members, voters and taxpayers. The publications are subject to the approval of a scientific committee, composed of university professors. The association is as neutral as possible on the political field: its orientation is defined in its Charter.

Download a presentation.

Voting Advice Application (VAA)

A VAA provides to the voters electoral orientation via matching political position of voters and parties and/or candidates. It helps voters to find the candidates with highest political affinity. The VAA invites the user to enter in the Political Directory, where he finds well-structured information that is relevant for a voter.  Candidates are invited to provide or to check the information in the directory: contact details, political and professional career, political priorities or promises, personal successes, past electoral score, etc.

A typical example of VAA is Smartvote in Switzerland.